“Candy Cane Rose”

I love bi-colored roses. Dozens of roses fall under this category, but some of my favorites include: “Double Delight”, “Rainbow Sorbet”, “Harry Wheatcroft”, “Black Dragon”, “Sentimental”, “Joseph’s Coat”, and “Dream Come True”.


This week, I was presented with a lovely miniature rose plant by one of my students. Resembling the “Sentimental”, the roses display red and white petals, hence my reason for giving it the nickname, “Candy Cane”.


Roses are one of the finest gifts that could ever be presented to someone. The rose is a very symbolic flower (something I will discuss in a future article), and from a photographers standpoint, one of the most beautiful subjects that could ever be captured.

Don’t forget to photograph the roses in your life. They tell a story. After all, roses are presented to you at some of the most pivotal moments along life’s journey: birth (flowers are often given to new Mom’s and many roses have made their way into hospital rooms due to this), graduation (kindergarten, high school, and college), special events (proms, teacher appreciation days, recitals/performances), weddings (worn in boutonnieres and corsages and held in bouquets), holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries), and at funerals. One day, a rose might be placed on your casket or featured in a memorial displaying the events of your life.


Like the pages of a book, roses tell a story. They travel alongside us weaving into our memories from beginning to end. The petals of a rose may fade or crumble with time, but a photograph can last for decades bringing back wonderful memories of life’s most special moments. So photograph the roses that come into your life and treasure the memories that they bring.


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