Spring Flowers

Tiny buds open dotting the ground with color. Light rain sprinkles delicate petals with a gentle mist. The sun comes out illuminating our beautiful world. Spring is a favorite time of year for any botanical photographer.


March is a good month to schedule trips to local gardens. It’s also a fun time to plant and buy flowers. Local business like Kroger, Walmart, and Publix sell flowers all year round, but their floral arrangements are usually more vivid and unique around holidays like Easter. The starting price for such bouquets is around $5.00. This price increases to around $25.00 at supermarkets. Floral arrangements through “professional” companies are typically priced much higher. These luxury bouquets range from $50.00 to $400.00.

It is often cheaper to spend the day at a garden then it is to buy individual clusters of flowers. Gardens also provide a variety of types as well as pretty backgrounds away from home or office clutter. Other advantages of going this route, include: putting forth little to no effort in order to yield results, a quite atmosphere from which to work, and an opportunity to spent time outside. Disadvantages would include travel time, cost (some gardens are expensive to visit), and limited hours. If you own the flowers, for instance, you have the ability to photograph them 24/7 where gardens typically have opening and closing hours. Weather may also be an issue as you will be unable to transport your subjects to a dryer, more well-lit area.


There are several websites which feature bouquets and flower arrangements of various prices, sizes, and qualities. I do not typically buy from these sights, although I have known several people who have done so and who have been quite pleased with their purchases. The advantage of buying is that the flowers are delivered right to your doorstep; you can select specific flowers that you may or may not be able to find or grow in your area, and the flowers are prearranged and are therefore in photo-ready condition.

Having your own garden is quite rewarding. Flowers are easily accessible, positioned where you want them, and are of your choosing. Disadvantages, however, include time and labor as well as the fact that you may or may not be able to grow the specific type of flower that you wish to photograph. You are also relying on your “green thumb” which may or may not yield as you are hoping. Gardens must be maintained year round whereas other options result in little to no effort in this department.

Whichever route you choose to go: visiting local gardens, purchasing your flowers, or growing them yourself- Have fun! Take lots of photos in a variety of settings (if possible), and from various angles.

Side Note: Don’t overlook the less expensive, simpler flowers, as these are often just as beautiful as the top-dollar creations one can purchase. I also recommend that you conduct some research to learn about floral options, what time of year you can find specific flowers, and tips on lighting and arranging (if this applies to your situation).

For online sights:,,, and are four websites that appear to have beautiful floral selections for those interested in buying.



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