“The Search”

Photography. This single word can be divided into dozens of separate genres.

If you were to conduct a Google search using the word “photography”, over seven hundred, forty million results would instantly be at your fingertips. But, unless you have a considerable amount of time, you probably don’t want to scan each article in order to find what you are looking for. It pays to be familiar with the breakdown of the word: photography. You can narrow your search by styles, profession, photographer, or genre. On this blog, I have provided you with a list of fifty categories. This list could be much longer, as there are dozens more genres out there, but these are some of the most common types. It’s a start. Get as specific as you can. If you type in the words:”close-up photography”, for instance, your search narrows by about six hundred million, nine hundred thousand article options. Typing in “close-up black and white photography” leaves you with only forty five million options. But, typing: “close-up black and white photography by Ansel Adams”, in your Google search box, leaves you with only three hundred and six thousand article choices. By getting specific in your quest, you just cut your options down by exactly seven hundred thirty nine million, six hundred ninety four thousand choices! Way-to-go. That’s way more doable.

Here are some genres that will make it easier for you to look for what you want in a shorter amount of time:

  1. Abstract Photography
  2. Action
  3. Aerial
  4. Amateur
  5. Architectural
  6. Artistic
  7. Astrophotography
  8. Aviation
  9. Botanical
  10. Candid
  11. Close-up
  12. Cloudscape
  13. Conceptional- Illustrates an idea
  14. Conservation- It’s objective is to improve the natural environment by creating awareness
  15. Documentary
  16. Event
  17. Fashion
  18. Fine-Art
  19. Food
  20. Forensic Photography- Also known as “crime scene photography”, “police”, or “legal”
  21. Geophotography- Also known as “geological photography”
  22. Glamour
  23. High-speed
  24. Infrared
  25. Lifestyle
  26. Macro
  27. Medical
  28. Monochrome- Includes black and white photos, sepia, and cyan
  29. Motion
  30. Nature
  31. Newborn
  32. Night
  33. Panoramic
  34. Pet
  35. Portrait
  36. Post-Mortem
  37. Satellite Imagery
  38. Snapshot
  39. Sports
  40. Still Life
  41. Storm Photography
  42. Subminiture
  43. Time-Lapse
  44. Travel
  45. Ultraviolet
  46. Underwater
  47. Vintage
  48. War Photography
  49. Wedding
  50. Wildlife





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