Beauty Where You Live

Feeling desperate for something to photograph?

Before striking out on that long drive (to a known photographer “hot spot”), check out your own surroundings and see if you can’t find beauty right where you are standing.

One does not have to venture far from home to find beauty. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, nature alone provides us with stunning visuals that can spark the curiosity of a variety of types of photographers.

Beauty is simple.

Beauty is complex.


All one needs to do, is look. Open your eyes and survey your surroundings.

Perhaps, at first, you scan your apartment building and the crowded streets and see nothing but trash strewn sidewalks, tufts of grass, and bustling movement. Play eye-spy. Is there a lone flower breaking through the cracks in the cement? Does your building have a curve of ivy traveling up its exterior? How about the sky above? Pink swirls? Wisps of white dotting a sheet of blue? Maybe it’s night and your view from your bedroom window displays hundreds of city lights. If all else fails, there is always still life photography- which can prove to be quite rewarding. Get creative. Fruit on a wooden table, a beam of light filtering through a single window landing on a lone object…etc. Busy streets can result in vibrant colors, blends of patterns, and unique angles. But don’t take my word for it. Look around. And snap away.


Perhaps, you live in a quite subdivision with matching houses and manicured lawns. Look for budding flowers, uniquely colored leaves, even a reflection in a pool of water. Insects, small wildlife such as curious bunnies or a destructive squirrels, can provide you with fun “subject” to practice on. Subdivisions often attract a variety of beautiful birds which make for a unique challenge as you can attempt to capture them in flight, or as they eagerly gather seed. Perhaps a neighbor has a garden that butts your property. Stand in your yard and use your telephoto lens. There are lots of things to photograph, even in a simple subdivision.

Is the style of your home unique? Is it located in a secluded area that might offer a a quite landscape from which to work with?


Live in a mansion in an upscale neighborhood? If so, your “subjects” are nearly endless- both outside and inside your magnificent home. Focus on architecture, interior decor, poolside views, labyrinth gardens, and exotic plants. You may have a golf course, horse stable, tennis court, or lack on your property that can offer patterns, objects, or backdrops. You may have a rare pet that you can photograph through glass, or a show animal you can capture while they practice for an upcoming competition. Stylish homes make for wonderful photo shoot locations, so invite a friend over and do a spur-of-the-moment session. Also, larger homes often feature space, ideally lit rooms, and gorgeous furnishings. Take advantage of the finery around you.

Beauty surrounds us regardless of where we live. One does not have to travel miles to find something to photograph. Often, you don’t even need to hop into your truck, or step foot outside your home; sometimes, beauty is sitting right next to you; it may even be located in the very room in which you are reading this blog post. So look up from your computer screen and grab your camera.

What do you see when you look through your viewfinder?


Feel free to share your at-home and backyard photo shoot ideas. I love hearing from my readers!


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