“Child’s Wonder”

Children are curious. They love to learn, they love to explore, they love to discover. As a preschool teacher, I have the privilege of looking into young eyes filled with wonder, almost every week. Everything is new and exciting to a small child. With few pressures in their lives (to distract them), they are content with small things.

A child is quick to notice the beauty in a butterflies wings, the intricacy of a floral design, or the uniqueness of pattern in an animal’s coat.They thrill over familiar sights and sounds. They soak in new facts and ask dozens of probing questions.


Children are visual. They are keen observers of the world around them. A photographer does well to note what captures the attention of a little one.


Visit a familiar location such as an aquarium or zoo. Take dozens of photos. And then, return to the same location with a child. Listen and watch. Get down on the child’s level. Capture what they point to (whether a bug on the ground or a bird souring overhead). At the end of the end, look through your images. Note the colors, the patterns, and the shapes featured in your photos. Compare the prints you took. Which prints are more unique? Which viewpoint is more stunning? Which set of photos does a better job of detailing the location?

A photographer should learn to capture life through a child’s eyes.



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